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Contractor Support Services

We offer a full range of services to Contractors, whether Main or Sub Contractors, helping them to deliver projects successfully throughout the UK.

Measurement Assistance for Contractors’ Tenders

We prepare Builders Quantities for Main Contractors using our in house computer Bill production software, either in Elemental or Trade formats.

Bills can be e-mailed upon completion so that Main Contractors can issue Sub-Contractor and Supplier enquiries at an early stage.

Preparation of Tender Estimates

We are also able to estimate the total cost of the tender. Often this will be the estimated net cost of the works, allowing the Main Contractor to complete the tender by assessing and valuing the Preliminaries, Risk, Overheads and Profit. For Sub-Contractor elements, we would prepare and send out email enquiries. Returned quotations would be assessed and the most appropriate and competitive offers would be included in our estimate. For non-Sub-Contract elements we will build up unit rates, obtain quotations for specified materials and assess the Labour and Plant elements using current rates. Upon completion of our net cost estimate, we would meet the Main Contractor to talk through the project and hand over the estimate.

Post Contract Assistance

We understand the value of a flexible approach.

We can include re-measurement of work as constructed, preparation of Interim Valuations, preparation of Final Accounts and even assistance with disputes.