Understanding your business needs...

Project Management and Employers Agent

Keeping a project moving forward is vital to its success and experience has taught us that by listening, we can understand how best to assist you.

We will establish and build clarity based on your business strategy and project aims.

By defining requirements as well as the role and responsibilities of a project manager, we will translate a vision for the project into a workable programme for delivery.

Value Management

By drawing on the value management techniques and our experience, we are able to add value to projects from the outset.

By defining and aligning requirements, we will keep you aware of options and factors that change throughout the lifecycle of a project so that you are able to make informed decisions and keep successful delivery on track.

Planning & Programming

We offer construction planning, time and risk analysis as well as buildability and methodology advice.

It allows you to construct a programme so that all stages can be monitored and work is completed against predicted cash flows.

Risk Management

If risk is understood, steps can be taken to eliminate or reduce it.

Our clients have benefitted from active risk management across projects. With the input of the design team, we collate a Risk Register so that a detailed picture of how risk may impact on time, cost or health and safety is created.

Plans to control and minimise risk can then be drawn up and agreed by all parties.

Development Consulting

Projects need to be underpinned by sustainable business cases if they are to succeed in the market and be of benefit for your organisation.

By bringing together a range of specialist advisors, we will work with you to identify suitable development opportunities.

And as an independent advisor we can pull together the commercial, design and planning inputs required to ensure that a development stays on track.